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Excalibur Summer-Blade
"You may call it madness but I call it creative genius"

I haven't been in the arts for a while and won't dare call myself an artist by any form but I am a person who would like to be. I am teaching myself photography, rediscovering writing and finding the joys of simply drawings. I hope in time my skills will improve to the point where I can call myself an artist but for now I am simply a student that wants to learn.
            One of the challenges creative people have, especially if you’re a writer, is developing your own idea and style.  I am a big believer there is no such thing as an original idea anymore just new interpretation of an idea.  Many my writing has been are inspired by the shows and stories of my childhood.  Most time I would like to see a different ending than the one presented.  In fact I believe that is why several people get into writing because the presented to them didn’t appeal to them and they believe they could do better.  That is why I originally got into writing and I also believe that is why fan fiction is something that most creative started out on.  Truthfully I still test some character idea to see if it could work in another writer’s universe without becoming a focus point of the story. 

             Now I have a great challenge for me.  As a person just returning to writing and slowly expanding my creative diversity how do I go about developing my own idea and make sure I don’t copy someone else.  I have read about how different writers and cartoonist just stop reading other people’s work because they are always afraid of stealing another person idea.  But I don’t think that’s the way to go.  Unless you literally steal someone’s work there is no way to accidentally copy someone’s idea.  As I stated before there are no longer original idea just new interpretation on old ones.  A great example of this is all the different Star Trek series there have been.  If you read the scripts carefully they keep repeating the same story idea between the different series and occasionally the same series multiple times.  All they do is change the ideas behind the idea and present a new interpretation the viewing public.    This is a great example how a different interpretation can make an old idea seem new and fresh.

             When I start of creating a character bio I also start off by giving a quick summary of whom that person is. How do I go about doing this?  For one character I wrote I describe him as; “Think of Merlin magical powers, with the detective skills and control issues of batman, with a little of Blade and last with the idea the ends justify the means like the Punisher.”  That literally gives a quick elevator pitch of the basis of one of my character.  On author I am a fan of described his main characters as a “Smart mouth version of Merlin and Dick Tracy.”  Moreover, if you read the same series by the same author I believe you can guess who is talking about.  

             Just because you basing your idea on another source material it doesn’t mean your interpretation will be the same.  Everyone has a different way of looking at something and it is that unique viewpoint I think we are always trying to communicate to the reader.  What helps develop your own idea is how you go about researching what you’re writing.  I know all of my writing projects will involve research and refinement.  I have only recently accepted the idea I may have to do a world bible for each world I want to create and keep creating a new version as the story progress.  I may even need to create a timeline on when I need to make a revision of the world bible.  I have also started to slowly create character biographies for each of my main and side characters just to keep their individual motivations as well as histories straight in my head.  I know right from the start much of this background research may never see in any of my stories but will be vital to make my characters three-dimensional.

            It’s the extra work you put into your project that makes them unique compared to other pieces.  Will it always seem that way.  I doubt it.  There will always be moments of doubts and needs for revisions.  That is just simply the nature of the beast we fight.  Where the truth of your idea will come, form is how you deal with those situations when they come.  It may come naturally or come after go through revision after revision but as long as you keep at it you will eventually come up with something that is original and yours. 

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