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Excalibur Summer-Blade
"You may call it madness but I call it creative genius"

I haven't been in the arts for a while and won't dare call myself an artist by any form but I am a person who would like to be. I am teaching myself photography, rediscovering writing and finding the joys of simply drawings. I hope in time my skills will improve to the point where I can call myself an artist but for now I am simply a student that wants to learn.
            When do you know when you have to make a change in your life?

            I have been asking that question my self a lot lately.  Recently I have found that my chosen career path has stalled out or is no longer progressing as I thought it would.  In the last few years, I have found it a struggle to find continual employment even though I have a diverse educational background. I have even went as far of advancing my original diploma into a bachelor of management so I would have the advance skills to manage a team or work as a supervisor one day.  What I have found is my advance education has in fact become a hindrance in reintegrating into the technical drafting field.  Employers assume I have more design experience than I have, that I have my sights on to something different or I wish a hirer wage.  Because of my limited designing experience, I cannot get the job I want and have to struggle for simple drafting jobs.  The drafting jobs I can get don’t challenge me as they use to or keep my interest as long as they would have when I originally graduated back in 2007. 

            What now catches my interest is radically different from what they use to be.  I still enjoy writing but I find myself drawn more into photography and wanting to master that skill.  I also want to get more into the digital arts and even wanting to try web design.  I remember in junior high that I use to be good at drawing but that skill has been lost over time and not embracing it.  Now I wish I worked harder at it so I could do more graphic work than the now simple drafting I am doing now.  Even though I still want to expand my drafting skill to different platforms, I find myself wanting to learn more about 3-D modeling and computer graphics.  As Time progresses I wish a job that allows me to express my creative side more than I have been allowed in the last few years.

            These questions have made me wonder if I may be having a midlife crisis or perhaps I mad the wrong choice in careers.  I know that last two years have not gone as I would have wanted and I am not where I thought I would be at this point in my life. I don’t think anyone’s life ever turns out as they thought it would when they were younger.  Mostly people life turn out drastically different from what they have pictured it in high school or even college but there area always those few goals that we always wished we did.  What those individual tasks are may be different from person to person but almost universally, we want our lives to have some form of meaning. For many people define themselves based on their job and what it entails.  For others they define themselves based on their friends, family and their significant other. However, what happens when that isn’t enough anymore?

            I was one of those people that use to define themselves based on my job and what entails.  Now I find myself in a position that no longer feels right for me.  The job isn’t a bad one per say but it no longer feel right for me.  The struggles with my career in the last two years have made me question if I picked the correct path for me or may be I made a mistake in picking it.  Some would call this a midlife crisis but the reality is that people of my generation are expected to change careers multiple times in their own lifetime.  Sadly changing careers is not as easy as one would think.  In the corporate world, they expect some post-secondary education as well as some work experience in the field you may want to slide into.  If you are lucky you may have some related work experience but not the educational background to support the career shift. That is even true to related fields now.  My base career is a technical drafter with primary focusing on the civil industry.  It has been difficult or nearly impossible to shift into mechanical or structural drafting even though I have the drafting background I do not necessarily have mechanical or structural background. 

            This is the idea of slowly migrating to a more creative freelance career is appealing to me.  Mostly you do not need the educational background but a good portfolio that best represent your work which is something I am working on slowly.  I am building my photography portfolio and improving my skills in photography at a decent rate.  I am also meeting other photographers and models so I can further expand my photography experience and skills.  I am also trying to start a regular blog here on deviant art for now and looking into building my own web page soon.  With that, I am looking into properly learning how to draw artistically as well as the entire Adobe Creative suit.  I am already research video projects I what to undertake with friends and possibly start a podcast or two on the side.  This might be the starting point where I shift my career from the corporate professional to a more creative freelancer. 

            I may not be able to fully go the creative freelancer but having that side business may help fulfill the creative need in my life.  It will also help start progressing towards a life I believe is more desirable than the one I have found myself living.  I know I have to start making changes in my life because I am no longer satisfied with the life I have.  I just have to take it one step at time and see what happens.  It is never easy to make any changes in one’s own life.  I have stumbled before and will most likely keep stumbling as I continue.  The point is to keep going.  We each have to take a moment to reflect on our own lives and decide if we are happy with where we have or do we want more from life.  For me I want something more and I am finally willing to start working towards it. 
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