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Excalibur Summer-Blade
"You may call it madness but I call it creative genius"

I haven't been in the arts for a while and won't dare call myself an artist by any form but I am a person who would like to be. I am teaching myself photography, rediscovering writing and finding the joys of simply drawings. I hope in time my skills will improve to the point where I can call myself an artist but for now I am simply a student that wants to learn.
            It true you never truly know what someone else has endured or is going through unless you can live within their mind and that is impossible.  As people have heard in the news lately Robert Williams committed suicide recently; a man known for being joy and happiness to so many people suffered from depression which led to his suicide.  I was shock to hear that Robert Williams suffered from depression for every time I saw him on TV he always seemed so happy and full of life.  It made me realize a great deal about my own battle with depression over the past years.

            I don’t try to hide like many people today I suffer from depression.  To what I been told it's not uncommon for those that suffer from ADHD to suffer from some form of depression and it also can be genetic as well.  Now I will say this with all honesty unless you suffer from depression there is no way of fully understanding how it can affect your life.  Many people simply think all you have to do is think more positive or change something in your life and your depression will simply disappear.  That simply is not true. There were times during my depression that I simply couldn’t think positive at all and I had no energy to do anything.  I know people that even hearing negative news depresses them and truthfully when I am in one of my depressive moments I would rather do anything but listen to my friends bad day at work.

            Mental diseases like depression are shunned by general society.  It one of those taboo subject that by simple social pressures are not talked about. Because of that, many people suffer in silence afraid to seek out the help they desperately need. To hear someone as famous as Robert Williams suffered from depression and took his own life because of it should be a wake up call for the world.  Here men known for bringing joy and happiness to the world suffered in silence with his mental disease till the point where he saw no way out but to take his own life. It shocks me that someone as famous of Robert William suffered in silence it also should shock everyone once else.  

            One can never tell what a person has to endure everyday but just looking at them.  A lot that makes up a person isn’t physical but mental. For some the simple act of getting out of bed in the morning is a battle all of its own.  For others it’s may be the act of going outside and interacting with the world that is their daily demon.  This is why society shouldn’t judge people based on some preconceived notion what is normal and acceptable for it simply doesn’t exist.  Society should learn to be more accepting and understanding what is different and learn to help those that need help.  People shouldn’t feel ashamed for seeking the help need they should feel proud that they are taking the first step toward recovering or simply coping with life. 

            Everyone endures in different way and sometimes we can’t see if another human being is suffering in silence. Every single person on this planet has his or her personal demons to contend with and no one should judge another person based on how they deal with it.  Instead of judging one another may be we should be helping one another to improve one another lives and understand one another better. May be than society will progress a little bit more in understanding and accepting of mental illnesses instead of treating it like a stigma that should be ignored.

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